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Training Mi Hija!

Dear Fam & Friends,

I hope you all enjoyed your fourth of July! It looks like you all had fun and enjoyed the traditions back home!

This week was such a fun week! Maybe one of my funnest weeks of the mission! It’s been crazy, but I have been soaking up all of the memories! On Monday I headed to Managua to be there when mi hija would get there. We had a reunion on Tuesday when they all got there and when they told us who our companions would be. It was so cool when they all walked in because I looked at one of the hermanas in specific and I just felt in my heart that she would be my companion. When the moment came, I got up front and introduced myself and then President told us who my companion was and sure enough, my feeling was right!!

So now I am with Hermana Harding and she is from Spanish Fork, UTAH!!! I have LOVED my time with her so far and we are already best friends! This week has been full of miracles. So many people have opened up their hearts and welcomed us into their homes to listen to the message of the Gospel. It has been interesting because my companion has a bit of a hard time understanding and speaking the language, but we can feel the spirit working through us which is the part that matters most!

It’s so much fun learning from my companion. The excitement that a new missionary brings to the mission field is incredible. She is blessing me in more ways than she thinks she is because she is helping me give 110% of myself in these last weeks that I have on the mission! Literally she gets me laughing so hard to the point of almost peeing my pants and I love it too much. I love all of her questions and watching her get used to the Nica culture!

This Sunday at church was pretty special. We were singing the first hymn and it was “I need thee every hour”. I took a second to take it all in and look at everyone as they sang. Everyone was having their own little moment of “trully I need Thee, every hour”. I thought about how true that is and the spirit was so strong for me in that moment. Each and every one of us need the Savior in every moment and He is willing to help us always!

This week I also had the opportunity to give the message in our zone meeting and to prepare myself, I was studying a little bit from The Living Christ. It is a short but powerful document! In it it explains how Jesus Christ has shown us our potential as children of God. I thought about how He showed us that potential. He is now at the Right Hand of God. We too have that potential! And then I thought about how He reached His divine potential and it was by doing the will of God. He showed us that doing the will of God is not impossible. If we too choose to do the will of God, we WILL reach our divine potential and be right there with God again one day.

Jesus Christ came to do so many things on this earth and He suffered the most bitter suffering. The least we can do for Him is live His gospel with every fiber in our beings and then when we fall short depend on Him to help us back up. It really is so simple and so beautiful.

I love you all so much and I hope you all have an incredible week!

Love, Shay
Hermana Staker
Mision Nicaragua Managua Norte
Febrero 2016- Agosto 2017

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