Time is Winding Down!

Hey there family!

I hope everyone is doing well and holding on tight because the time is flying by way fast!! I cant believe we are down to two weeks! Here we go!

This week was such a special week! It started out with interviews with President Poncio at our house! They went to all of the missionaries houses to do inspections and did interviews at the same time. It was funny in my interview because the members little kitten waltzed into the house and started rubbing up against Presidents leg while we were in the interview! AWKWARD! But it was cool because President and I are tight.

Later in the week I got to go and do divisions with my girl Hermana Beck! It was so fun to work with her again and catch up!!

The most special part of this week was the baptism that we had this weekend! This hermano is named Luis. Luis cant walk because his legs dont work. It has been so special teaching him and trying to get him to church. The members have been so helpful in getting him to the chapel and helping him get baptized. One of the members has a triciclo which is basically a bike with a cart on the front to drive people around. He has been there to take Luis everywhere. Saturday was his baptism and it was so special. Two hermanos had to be in the font to help hold him up and then baptize him. Then on Sunday he was able to get confirmed. The member with the triciclo was lost in drugs and alcohol about 6 months ago and with the gospel he has been able to get out and become a better person. Being able to serve Luis has helped him so much and given him another motivation. On Sunday, that member was able to confirm and it was such a beautiful experience. We were able to see the conversion of not just one, but two people.

I am so grateful for how the gospel blesses our lives. We all need the healing power of the Atonement and we are all capable of recieving it. I know that God loves each and every one of us and has a plan for all of us. He knows us and if we trust him, He shows us the path that is meant for us and helps us get on it.

I love you all so much! I cant wait to see you in a few short weeks! I wish I had more time to write more about this week, but soon we will be together again and we will be able to talk about it in person!

Love, Shay
Hermana Staker
Mision Nicaragua Managua Norte