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VIVA NICA! 6 Weeks Left!

Hey there Family & Friends!!!

I hope all is well and that you all had another great week! Can you even believe that we are entering the last 6 weeks here?? This is crazy and I can’t believe how fast it has all gone by!

This week was a real good one! It was my last one with Hermana Ward and we tried to live it up and leave it all on the line! I feel so much excitement about the fact that I will be going home in 6 weeks and I have tried to put that excitement into the work and it has worked out really well for us! We have been meeting a lot of special people especially 2 families of 5 that have our hearts. We went with one of the families and taught them about the Restoration and invited them to pray and ask God if what we had taught is true and they said that they wouldn’t do it. We were really bummed when we left. A couple of days later on Saturday we were having a pretty rough day because our baptism fell through and then all of our lessons as well. So towards the end of the night we thought that maybe we should go back and see the family and ask them how their prayers went. We figured they hadn’t prayed and we weren’t too excited to go back but we went anyways. Sure enough they hadn’t prayed, but we explained to them how they have the right to pray and ask God so that He can give them direction. After that they committed to praying. We are excited to see where we can get with them!

Another night in the week we went to see another family whose dad just got baptized and we were able to enjoy some time with them. After we were done with our lesson, they gave us their dinner that they were making for themselves. They insisted that we eat and enjoy ourselves. It was so humling being with a family who quite literally lives in a tin shack and gives you their dinner for the night. They expressed to us how since Francisco’s baptism, they have felt joy come into their home and they have been able to keep moving forward in their trials. That’s what the gospel does for us, it brings us peace and joy! No matter what happens in this life, if we have Christ and His gospel, everything turns out to be okay.

This week the member that we live with went to Honduras to the temple and left us alone at the house lol. Her daughter has been coming at night to check everything out, but everyday during the day was an adventure lol. Out of nowhere this little kitten showed up at our door and has been there ever since the member left. This cat tries to come in and hang out with us and the whole ten yards. It has become quite the little adventure with our little friend. She’s really sick and one day we decided to give her a bath lol. She has been getting better day by day. Pretty much we don’t know how the member is going to react when she gets home because the cat has made itself at home lol!

So today we had changes and they were pretty tough! It was really hard to say goodbye to my girl Ward!! But I am really excited for these last 6 weeks because I get to train a newbie! She should be here tonight and I will meet her tomorrow! I am so stoked! I am also still the TL which is exciting! So while I wait for my companion, I am here in Managua and I am staying the night in my old area La 14 and I am so excited!! I am so ready to give it all I’ve got in these last couple of weeks and see what my Heavenly Father has in store for me!

So until next week you will learn about MI HIJA! I love you all so much and I hope you all have an amazing week!

Love, Shay
Hermana Staker
Misión Nicaragua Managua Norte
Febrero 2016- Agosto 2017

Here are some pics! Ward got sent to Matagalpa which is the coldest area in the mission. She begged me for my Riverton Rods and Rides sweatshirt so I sent her off in that! lol There’s a pic of us with our ZL’s and our DL. We were an epic team!!!

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